Hold Me Back

Aidan and Ash ElDifrawi

Gen X and Gen Z live together, but we occupy different worlds. As the generational gap widens and conventional wisdom on parenting and education fails, is it even possible to understand one another? In this unique son-and-father podcast, Aidan and Ash ElDifrawi hash out a new contract between generations, forcing them to violate comfort zones on today’s most charged topics: social media and screen time, bullying and loneliness, inequality and privilege, sex and drugs, education and etiquette, even politics, religion, and sports. All to uncover a path toward greater harmony and a hopeful future for the next generation

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A Letter From My Father
Apr 2 2022
19 mins
A Letter From My FatherThe CAS: Interview with Heath Einstein, Dean of Admission at Texas Christian UniversityThe CAS: Interview with Jonathan Burdick, Vice Provost for Enrollment at Cornell UniversityThe CAS: Interview with Rick Clark, Director of Undergraduate Admission, Georgia TechThe CAS: Interview with Christoph Guttentag, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, Duke UniversityThe CAS: Interview with Lauren Lieberman, Director of College CounselingThe College Admission Series (CAS): IntroductionThe Social (Media) DivideGradesBonus Sports Episode: Tom Brady - Man or Machine?Mom’s Perspective: An Interview With the Founders of Your Teen MediaThink For Yourself, Part 2: Overcoming Our Biases Through Critical ThinkingThink For Yourself, Part 1: Battling Misinformation With Guest Dr. Alex Lickerman, M.D.The Content War: Parenting in an R-Rated WorldDo Not Disturb: On Parents, Teens, and PrivacyFor Love or MoneyLeft to Their Own Devices (and Screen Time)Youth Sports: You Think This Is a Game?Is Swearing Really a Big Deal?The Growing Generational Divide