#14 Raising Bilingual Children

Connection First

Sep 5 2023 • 16 mins

I still remember clearly the first time it happened. We were walking in central London when Matias saw a guy making bubbles. He asked me in Spanish to go closer, and when he got close enough, the bubble guy started talking to him in English, and he answered every question. Then he turned to me and said something in Spanish. This kept going for a few minutes, switching so easily between the two languages.

Our boys were both born in English-speaking countries, and our intention has always been to raise them in Spanish.

Admittedly, we thought it would be an easy ride: at school, they would learn English, and at home, they'd talk in Spanish. But it hasn't, and that's exactly why situations like the one with the bubble guy make us proud and inspired me to share with you in this episode a bit about our journey with raising bilingual kids.

In this episode, I share a few insights into this journey, with THREE SPECIFIC STRATEGIES I believe have been super important along the way, with the hope to help more families in the same position, and with the same hopes as us.

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Fabi x


Podcast notes:

- Debunking common myths about raising bilingual children


- Raising Bilingual Children. Myths and misconceptions about teaching your child a second language


- Debunking Three Myths About Raising Bilingual Kids


- Teaching Kids a Second Language: Can It Cause a Speech Delay?