#12 Are We There Yet?

Connection First

Jul 28 2023 • 18 mins

I asked my seven-year-old the other day what the best part of his holidays was and one of the first things he said was the 8-hour car drive we did!m, not the day we went climbing, or the many playdate’s with friends he had, not even the trip itself to Gold Coast, or going to the movies.  THE 8-HOUR CAR RIDE!

That was my encouragement to share with you, on this episode, the 5 things I believe help make our road trips work - even when we have never used screens in the car.

Family car rides can be seen as an opportunity to plan something as a family and see it happen, to share, get bored, and listen to music together.

I hope this not only helps but also encourages you to go and plan more family road trips!

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Thank you for listening 🤍