#17 Kids, gaming and family codes

Connection First

Nov 30 2023 • 18 mins

'Mom, all my friends are talking about Minecraft, except me,' that's how we started with video games when Matías was almost 7 years old.

In the quest to find a balance between addressing the topic of screens in a healthy and conscious manner and, at the same time, helping our children in their social dynamics, we found ourselves compelled to say yes. That's how this journey began, which, for better or worse, has become an important part of our home.

Since then, I have been researching and learning ways to handle the gaming at home in a way that they enjoy it but that it doesn't prevent them to enjoy and do other things too.

In this episode, I share the codes we have established from the beginning, talk about the importance of our assertiveness, and discuss how the balance between saying yes and maintaining it consciously looks today.

Additionally, I've created a digital guide for you with (message me and I will send it to you).

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Fabi x

Some links I'd like to share on the topic:

Here, you can check the recommended age for each video game and read reviews: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/

For many more ideas and tips: https://www.betterscreentime.com/

About the importance of taking it slow and avoiding violent games at early ages: https://www.aacap.org/AACAP/Families_and_Youth/Facts_for_Families/FFF-Guide/Children-and-Video-Games-Playing-with-Violence-091.aspx