#20 Creating a Tech-Healthy Family with Andrea Davis

Connection First

Mar 21 2024 • 46 mins

When should I give my teen a personal device? Should we use a cellphone contract? Is my child watching too much YouTube? When it comes to screens at home, sometimes we find ourselves clueless, with many questions and constant requests coming from our kids, from 'one more show please!' to 'when can I have a phone?' and even 'can I download Snapchat?'

We might wonder if we're either being too permissive or too strict with technology, and how we can stay connected with our children while being conscious about screens, which means saying 'no' many times.

Andrea Davis is the founder of Better Screen Time and the author of Creating a Tech-Healthy Family, she has created a platform with the family-tested resources she and her husband wish they’d had years ago.

In my conversation with her, Andrea shared many practical ideas for a tech-healthy family, including setting clear boundaries while ensuring they don't affect the relationship with our kids, and we also talked about family connection and how screens might be interfering.

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