53: 053. Mental Health Matters: Making Positive Change


Oct 22 2019 • 34 mins

Technology allows us to work from anywhere at any time, but the ability to work flexibly and always be connected can make it harder to have a mental and physical switch off from work.

This always-on culture can also have a detrimental effect on our well being. A recent study found almost a third of workers find it difficult to “switch off” from work in their personal time, putting them more at risk of becoming stressed or burnt out.

So, how do we maintain a healthy work-life balance in the digital age?
After seeing the effects of burnout first hand, Maria Mander left the corporate world behind to focus on helping people to make positive changes in their lives.

She trained as a wellbeing coach and now gives workplaces and individuals the guidance they need to create sustainable and healthier habits.

Key questions:
What are the signs of burnout?
Why is our mental health suffering so much now?
How do we create sustainable habits for a healthy work/life balance?
What can individuals and workplaces do to increase wellbeing?

If you need to talk to anyone about the issues raised in this podcast there are are number of free resources. Don't suffer in silence.

- Mental Health tools for Employers wakelet.com/wake/83f5bcaa-fd73-…0-92e0-241170e54fcf

Host: Patricia Keating
Guest: Maria Mander, Mander Wellbeing www.manderwellbeing.com/
Listening Time: 34 mins
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