BONUS EP: Alex and Karen talk Summer Slumps, & Quick Fire Questions


Aug 23 2023 • 54 mins

It’s a bonus episode! Alex and Karen sit down for a lighthearted chat about mental health struggles and the creative slump that crops up for them during their experiences with the summertime blues. Fun! They also talk about some of the things that are bringing them joy during this tricky time and play a rousing round of Quick-Fire Questions: Guilty Pleasure Edition.

For a sneak peak of the questions asked, check out the answers provided by our editor extraordinaire Will!

  1. Guilty pleasure lazy day activity: watching sports! live games or just youtube content / highlights
  2. A reality show you’d go on: Storage Wars
  3. Trashy/weird snack: peanut butter, sesame seeds, and panko breadcrumbs
  4. First celeb crush: Hollaback era Gwen Stefani or early Rihanna
  5. Comfort meal: Baked potato bar with lots of toppings to choose from
  6. Movie you know every line to: School of Rock
  7. Last show you binge watched: Break Point (Netflix show about young pro tennis players)
  8. Best Halloween costume: no idea in my memory now! all i can remember is being the King of Spades with a poster board version of the card stuck to me and a mustache/hat
  9. Guilty pleasure pop singer: Morgan Wallen or Post Malone
  10. TV or movie character you would bring to life to be your best friend: C-3PO

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  • Edited by Alex Scott & mixed by Will Chernoff.
  • Music and artwork by Alex Scott.

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