Alex Eischeid

The Shared Shutter

Jan 17 2022 • 39 mins

Joining us on the podcast this week on her 30th birthday is the very talented self-portrait photographer Alex Eischeid. She chats with Sarah about her approach to self-portraits and why you should just go for it, tips on how not to set your hair on fire and the must have emergency item to keep in your camera bag. For more Alex, check out her website and her self-paced course in Click Photo School called My Own Muse: A Guide to Creative Self Portraiture.

Sarah's new course, The Filmmaking Workshop just wrapped its first run. The next run of the course will be in March. In the 4 week, hands-on workshop, Sarah Krieg walks you through all the fundamentals of filmmaking. From frame rates to layering audio, shot lists, editing in Premiere Pro, and more, it’s more than just the regular “how-to” info. It’s an immersive class that puts you in the director’s seat. You’ll leave this course with a film of your very own and the confidence to continue creating these moving memories for years to come.

You can find out more about Sarah's Click Photoschool Breakout, Filmmaking For Photographers.

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