The Power of Intention

Spiritually Speaking: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Needs

Jan 9 2012 • 53 mins

Intention is the single most important magickal secret in Wicca, and in life. Intention is the energetic direction that projects our desires into manifestation. Join Lady Red Hawk and her special guest Lord Salmon, one of the Priests of Lady Red Hawks’ Taoist Wiccan Circle as they explore this essential first step in any magickal work Lord Salmon was born and grew up in the canyons of the San Bruno Mountain just south of San Francisco. Graduated from USF with a degree in Psychology; Studied with a Fourth Way group using Theater as a medium; Community Chaplin for 15 years; Yogini for 10 years; practicing Taoist Wiccan Priest for 6 years; Reiki practitioner for 5 years.