The Wheel of the Year: The Goddess and God

Spiritually Speaking: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Needs

Mar 26 2012 • 56 mins

Lady Red Hawk will take a look at the ever-changing, yet ever-constant relationship between the Goddess and God in light of the Taoist Wiccan Wheel of the Year. What role does their profound relationship play in the themes of Wheel of the Year and how can we use it to deepen our own relationships? What is Sacred Sex? What does their mythical, paradoxical and poignant union between the Goddess and the God teach us about the many facets of love? Find the answers to these and other fascinating questions. Prepare for the show by going to www.facebook.com/spiritualseekersradio to obtain a free download of a graphic of the Taoist Wheel of the Year. Then tune into “Spiritually Speaking: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Needs” next Monday, March 26th at 2pmPST and 5PM EST for a lively, fun and educational conversation. Join in the conversation by advance emailing your questions to info@suzypeltier.com or call into the show and speak to us LIVE at 1-866-472-5795.