Shamanism 103: Soul Retrieval and Other Healing Tools

Spiritually Speaking: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Needs

Feb 20 2012 • 55 mins

The shaman or witch doctor was a healer and spiritual leader for thousands of years. See how this ancient body of knowledge can help you! This is the final show in a three part exploration of “Shamanism, Sorcery and Witchcraft,” with special guest John Carosella, co-founder and shaman in residence at Firefly Willows Healing Center in Palo Alto Ca. In this show we will talk a special shamanic process treatment called Soul Retrieval used to treat PTSD, nightmares and depression. If you suffer from any of these conditions or know someone who does, be sure to tune in for this insightful discussion, and spread the word. Tune into “Spiritually Speaking: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Needs next Monday, Feb 20th at 2pm for a lively, fun and educational conversation. Join in the conversation by advance emailing your questions to info@suzypeltier.com or call into the show and speak to us LIVE at 1-866-472-5795.