E114: Honoring Your Roots with Lori Huitron

Limitless Soul with Kelli Mason

Mar 18 2021 • 1 hr 8 mins

Today we have Lori Huitron, a hairdresser out in California who is also the founder of Hui Hui Essentials, my absolute favorite scalp oil. This beautiful episode gets really vulnerable on topics like: ceremony, inner beauty, ancestry, honoring the beauty industry, health and wellness & self care. We talked about how to self soothe, how to give yourself the most amazing scalp massage, how to be in ceremony with yourself, and so much more. She cried, I cried, we laughed. It was so amazing to experience that level of vulnerability and that level of just sweetness for gratitude and honoring the people who have come before us. Plug in and tune out the outside world with Lori & I on this episode of the Limitless Soul podcast with Kelli Mason xo

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