Behind the Mic: No Halos here We are Jen and Jane


Jan 5 2022 • 34 mins

The amazing duo behind The No Halos Here Podcast Jen & Jane are with us today sharing their beautiful collaborative experience. They are coming from two different businesses joining together to be co-hosts on podcasts - which makes them a unique duo. Listen as they impart how their podcast was born out of conscious conversations.   Don’t miss: ●     The synergy with their respective strengths ●     Being able to support your co-host is really powerful and nurturing ●     Give yourself the space and grace to experiment with what works ●     Great points to keep your topic relevant ●     There's umpteen million strategies out there and they all works, it's about figuring out which one actually work for you and your business ●     Showing up in alignment versus being so much strategic ●    Tips on how to get rid of tickle in throat About the Guests: Jen Lang Jen believes in the power and wisdom of women’s voices. She’s a guide for women who want to tune into and align their inner voice so their outer voice can shine; uniting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies into a powerful voice ready to share your message. Jane Stark Passionate about energetic alignment and living life from a place of personal power, Jane is a heart-centered leader, certified health and life coach, and marketing strategist. She leads others to play bigger and feel lighter by helping them see and navigate their blocks and connect more deeply with themselves.Continue the conversation: Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/wearejenandjane (www.instagram.com/wearejenandjane)  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeareJenandJane (https://www.facebook.com/WeareJenandJane)  Community: Get the Empowerment Playbook (and access our Community Calls) here: https://www.wearejenandjane.com/playbook (https://www.wearejenandjane.com/playbook) facebook.com https://www.facebook.com/WeareJenandJane (Log in or sign up to view) See posts, photos and more on Facebook. wearejenandjane.com https://www.wearejenandjane.com/playbook (The Empowerment Playbook) Have you been ignoring the signs that life isn't quite the way you envisioned? Get instant access to our Playbook and take radical responsibility for your well-being today!