Speculative Fiction Writing Made Simple

Heather Davis

Welcome to the Many Worlds Writing Podcast! The show that’s all about how to brainstorm, write, edit, publish, and sell a powerful speculative fiction novel… and maybe just change the world too. I'm your host, Heather Davis. I’m a seasoned book coach, developmental editor, and fellow storyteller. In my work with writers, I always see the same problems and roadblocks standing in their way and preventing them from achieving their dream of becoming a published author. So it’s my mission to be 100% real about what it takes to craft a cohesive and unforgettable speculative fiction novel. I’ll share the same tips, tricks, and techniques that I use with my own client in order to help you write the best novel you’re capable of writing. In my under-30-minute episodes, I’ll get right to the heart of the problem without wasting your valuable time. I’ll give concrete, actionable ways to address that problem that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed or ready to give up. (That means that most of my episodes come with handy workbooks that you can grab for free right in my show notes!) But let’s be clear on one thing. Writing a good speculative fiction novel—you know, one that other people actually want to read it—is probably that hardest personal project you’ll ever willingly undertake. So this podcast doesn't downplay that hard work and promise that you’ll write a bestseller in 30 days or 6 months. (I personally don’t believe that good novels are written that way.) Instead, this podcast embraces the hard, messy, and frustrating work that goes in to writing a great novel. My goal is to help you write a novel that you're proud of—one that holds together, one that makes people think, and one that makes readers want to read your work and buy your books again and again. From character arc to plot structure, from deep level worldbuilding to developing a kick-ass magic system, from honing your authorly voice to identifying your genre, from building an email list to hiring an editor, we’re gonna to cover it all. So if that sounds like something that would be helpful to you in your writing journey, please take a second to follow or subscribe to the show. It would mean the world to me and it’s a really easy way to show your support and to make sure there are many more episodes to come!Until next time, keep writing, keep dreaming, and remember: the world needs your stories right now, so don't you dare give up on your novel or yourself! See ya soon!

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