6 Ways To Use Social Media To Put More Good In The World w/Larry Snyder

The 6 Ways

Apr 18 2024 • 26 mins

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Social media gets a lot of negative attention for things like causing depression and spreading misinformation, but when used the right way it has also put a lot of good into the world. And that's the subject of this episode. Charity auctioneer (and all around amazing human) Larry Snyder and I are sharing 6 ways to use social media to put more good in the world. ❤️

Occasionally a helpful announcement for listeners gets added to the show so the timestamps below may be off by 30-60 seconds, but they should be pretty close.

02:04 #1: Social Campaigns Get Ignored Without This

05:02 #2: Do This Sooner Than You Think

06:15 #3: Gratitude For The Win

11:17 #4: Emotion For The Win

14:52 #5: Scary But Effective

18:57 #6: Nerve Wracking But Effective

20:50 I want to use my company to give back, but I don't want to offend anyone with the charity I pick. Any advice?

Some REALLY awesome tips were shared in this episode – please think about who you know that would benefit from these, and then make sure to share it with them. Because WE ALL DO BETTER WHEN WE ALL DO BETTER. 😁

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