20. The dark side of social media: inadequacy, cyberbullying, addiction – Erin Lee

The #HighlySoughtAfter Talk Show

Sep 6 2021 • 1 hr 3 mins

Does social media make you feel you’re not as good as you peers or you competition? Do you worry about getting bullied by trolls and haters? Or perhaps you find yourself getting hopelessly addicted to social media that you can’t stop checking your social media accounts. If that’s you, take a deep breath. Relax. We’ve got you covered.

My guest today is highly qualified to help you manage and even reduce the stresses that come with social media. She is a Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher who has helped thousands of highly stressed professionals be able to reduce stress and become more mentally resilient. She is also a professional stress management consultant recognised by the Institute of Motivational Living. She also hosts regular mindfulness practice for communities like The Big Sit and Take A Pause.

In today’s interview, Erin is going to help us overcome the dark side of social media: inadequacies, cyberbullying, addiction. So, if you want to enjoy the benefits of social media without the harmful effects of it, this is in the interview to listen to!

If you are are an entrepreneur or content creator on social media, listen in at 30:45 as you will love Erin's tip on how to deal with inadequacies at so that you can neutralise negative emotions on social media.

And listen in to Erin's answers to the following questions:

  • I feel like there is a backstory to yours. I know you were in corporate, then you when into mindfulness full time. How did you become a mindfulness coach? - 1:06
  • How did you know you were burnt out? What were the signs? - 1:56
  • Tell us a bit about your 10-day meditation retreat - 5:59
  • What do you mean when you say work with your pain? - 11:43
  • How did mindfulness help you so much that you were willing to get certified to help other people? - 14:37
  • At the last day of the retreat, how were you changed as a person? - 18:05
  • The Erin that we know today and the Erin that we know in 2014, what are some of the key differences? - 19:56
  • There is the good side of social media, but it comes with stresses. Let’s tackle the stresses. Let’s focus on the first one. Why do we feel inadequate on social media? - 26:10
  • How can we deal with inadequacies on social media? - 30:45
  • Now the second baddie of social media, trolls and haters. Why are we wired to focus on the bad? - 34:26
  • Is there something we can start trying to be more mindful? - 46:55
  • How can we reduce our addictions to social media and get back in control of our behaviour? - 51:42
  • Is there books we can read to become more mindful? - 57:50

If you want to keep in touch with Erin, you can reach her on Instagram @erinmindfulmoments, on Facebook @erinmindfulmoments and on LinkedIn (Erin Lee).

You can also join Erin's mindfulness practice communities The Big Sit at www.thebigsit.co & Take A Pause at http://www.mindfulmoments.sg/take-a-pause.html.

If you want to work with Erin, check out her company Mindful Moments at: www.MindfulMoments.sg.

Read these books to become highly sought after in your own industry -> www.pickericsbrain.com

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