Preview: Episode 151 (Feat. JT Nagle)

Audio Obscura

Jul 7 2022 • 4 mins

Hey Obscurians! Here's a teaser for Episode 151, featuring a new guest, JT Nagle. The full episode is exclusive to our top tier patron level, Obscurian+. If you want an extra mystery each month, bonus episodes, and improv scenes, join our (patreon)! (Follow) Audio Obscura on your pod-catcher of choice so you never miss an episode! Leave us a review on (Apple Podcasts) and let us know what you think, it really helps us out. Check us out on the web and listen to our back catalog: ( Support the show and get access to bonus content and unedited episodes by visiting ( Social Media: (Facebo) (ok) (Twit) (ter) Instagram If you have any feedback or your own suggestion of a unique piece of audio that you’d like to see included in a future episode, drop us a line at