The One Day at Subway That Changed My Life

The Champion Life with Curt Tucker

Jan 4 2023 • 33 mins

In the last 15 years, I have created a life of abundance, freedom and victory. Right now, I’m winning in every area of my life. But the hand I was dealt with growing up wasn’t the best. In this episode, I share with you my backstory, the encounter on Subway that changed my life for the better, what fulfillment means to me and how I renewed my mind to achieve my visiones. Listen to this episode to start developing your champion life and to stop entertaining fear, scarcity and failure. Get ready to go to the next level in your life, marriage and business.

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“As long as you never quit, you will win.”

-Curt Tucker

In This Episode:

- Why I have decided to create this podcast

- My backstory

- The man I met at Subway and why he changed my life

- Meaning of fulfillment for me

- How to renew your mind to reach your visions


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