Episode 18: Emergent Processing - Consciously Traveling 'Trusting The Process' To Fulfill Soul Agreements

I Make a Difference

Dec 16 2021 • 36 mins

Episode 18: EMERGENT PROCESSING - Consciously Traveling 'Trusting The Process' To Fulfill Soul Agreements When you consciously accept the impacting variables that send you on detours, new pathways and different directions to where you believed you were traveling, and where these experiences would traditionally triggered emotional processing, you find yourself trusting that you are being sent on a new adventure. An adventure where there are immediate benefits you can gain if you choose to see them. And magical benefits that you are not yet aware of that will have you meeting the people whom you made soul agreements with, to support each other in your evolvement.  IN THIS EPISODE  You will:
  • Journey with me on my recent adventure of seemingly random yet interesting events, that traditionally would have frustrated me, to discover why the journey unfolded
  • Explore how now is the time to be more conscious and aware of the soul agreements you have, so that you can maximize the purpose and intention of the agreements for your evolvement
  • Grow your appreciation of the people who have contributed to your evolvement through their soul agreement with you
  • Explore the different purposes and reasons for soul agreements
  • Come to see, hear and feel the power of consciously traveling processes of trust to fulfill your soul agreements
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