Episode 12: Unraveling My Limiting Relationship Patterns Of Communication - Part One

I Make a Difference

Sep 20 2021 • 28 mins

Episode 12: Unraveling My Limiting Relationship Patterns Of Communication - Part One Have you experienced 'push back' or being 'shut down' in your communication and interactions in your relationships? Are there times when you feel disrespected, not heard, not seen or understood? These are signs of conditioned patterns of interactions that you are experiencing in your relationships. Change the pattern and unravel the conditioning is what is required for you and the other person (if they are on board and are receptive) to experience more understanding, closeness and growth in your interactions.   Through exploring some of the patterns of interaction I experience, that are frustrating, negating, and emotionally impacting, I identified the process of the pattern. Then I explored the reasons for it and I worked with how I can change how I approach the interaction. And I also explored the pattern with the people who were open to it, as to how 'we' could change our approach so that our relationship could improve and flourish. Join me in exploring five of the nine conditioned relationship patterns for unraveling with more to come in next week's episode. THIS EPISODE You will:
  • Be introduced to nine different patterns of interaction and communication you can experience in relationships.
  • Find out what I called each of these patterns and why.
  • Explore the first five of the conditioned patterns of interaction, working through examples and the process of them.
  • Gain insight into the reasons for the pattern, the dynamics, and their impacts.
  • Explore ways of unraveling these patterns, to create more open, understanding, connected, and flourishing relationships.
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