Episode 17: The Underestimated Power Of Neediness

I Make a Difference

Dec 2 2021 • 21 mins

  • How much power does neediness have over you?
  • Do you squirm at the thought of you being needy?
  • Are you emotionally attached to people, beings, objects and substances?

If you do not know the level of neediness in you, then you are needy to be safe and secure from your neediness. And if you squirm at the thought that you are needy, is you being needy of being safe and secure from your neediness and truth. Then any emotional attachment you have to anything, is an indicator of a level of neediness.

Do not underestimate how much neediness is influencing you and the people around you.  Yet there is also power in you owning your neediness. As when you do, you take responsibility for your truth, your neediness and you take steps to fill and heal it within you. The power of neediness.


  • Explore what neediness is
  • Come to see how neediness is interwoven in so many other processes we experience
  • Explore how neediness comes to the surface within us
  • Develop your relationship with your neediness

I look forward to the adventure with you as we unravel, heal and uncover together to make a difference to who we are.

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