Connections Chat

Lauren Sepulvador & Joshua Marshall

Connecting with industry leaders and professionals in various areas of the workforce to learn about and address the mental health needs they see in their areas of work, and also to educate the general public about mental health and resources available to them. Our goal is to engage, educate, identify, and discuss mental health and the gaps in services and knowledge relating to the mental health field.

Lauren with Hannah Powell on Suicidal IdeationLauren with Sarah Robinson on Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)Lauren with Adrianna Evans on Mental Health in the African American CommunityLauren with Stacey Vincent on PHP & IOPLauren with Darren Shang on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)Lauren with Kayla Clark on Drug Use and Positive Reinforcement in TeensLauren with Tatum DeBerry on AbandonmentLauren with Tiffany Godwin on Diet Culture and NutritionLauren with Awstin Gregg on AddictionLauren with Sharon Hicks on Homelessness and Teenage AddictionLauren with Sarah Ann Banis on Veterans and Mental HealthLauren with Angela Powell on Trauma and Finding a New NormalLauren with Sarah Robinson on Antisemitism and Cancel CultureLauren with Richard-Michael Calzada on EMDR and MeditationLauren with Denny Taylor on Finding Yourself and Mental Health in MoviesLauren with Awstin Gregg on Mental Health Care and LeadershipIntroducing: Connections Chat