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Philly Sports Jabronis with Guest Joe Toner from Philly's Finest Sambonis
Aug 16 2013
Philly Sports Jabronis with Guest Joe Toner from Philly's Finest Sambonis
The winds of speculated change are blowing in Philadelphia. The Sixers (finally!) have a new coach, the Eagles’ new coach is supposedly this much closer to naming the “new” quarterback for 2013, and now that Charlie Manuel has earned his heart-warming 1,000th career win, the rumor persists that he will be relieved of his Phillies managerial duties as soon as the season ends. Thank goodness for the stability of the Philly Sports Jabronis, who will celebrate their 1-month anniversary by trying to determine how much longer we can last in Philadelphia beyond the aforementioned guys and by paying homage to the “other” great duos in Philly sports history. We’ll also divulge our favorite summer vacation spots, and we may even spin another yarn or two about anything else we damn well please. Philly’s Finest Sambonis One of the stars from the upcoming fourth season of the popular Food Network program “The Great Food Truck Race,” Joe Toner (photo, center) of the team Philly’s Finest Sambonis will join the Jabronis to talk about his team’s newfound fame, on-the-road experience and what exactly it is that makes the Philly samboni a cheese steak to be reckoned with. Fresh off the heels of his team’s appearance on ABC's “Good Morning America,” Toner will share with listeners the story of how a couple of guys from Northeast Philly landed such a gig, give a sneak peak of what we can expect from the show, which airs each Sunday beginning Aug. 18, and maybe even eat a sandwich live on air. And, yeah, we’ll be sure to grill him during our interview. Bring a hearty appetite to this week’s show with us!