Quick Cuts Episode 007: Pink Rabbit (2022)

Genre Exposure: A Film Podcast

Sep 7 2022 • 1 hr 1 min

In this special bonus episode of Genre Exposure, Jason and Dustin team up to deep dive on the brand new horror film Pink Rabbit. Shot by a two-person crew on a micro-budget, Pink Rabbit is a feminist fantasy horror film that transcends its production value to deliver an enjoyably thought provoking experience. The story follows Martha during her daily work routine when an encounter with the titular Pink Rabbit plunges her into a series of bloody quests fighting her way back home to her son.

From the start, we have hoped to use the podcast as a platform to spread the love for filmmaking and so we appreciate being offered the opportunity to watch something new and also help push more eyes towards checking it out. Be sure to hit up the show notes below to follow the links so you can check out Pink Rabbit for yourself and show some love to the filmmakers. We'd also like to thank Zetkin Yikilmis for reaching out to us about the film and giving us the opportunity to screen it ahead of its release.

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