Episode 036: Dead of Night (1945)

Genre Exposure: A Film Podcast

Jun 22 2022 • 1 hr 37 mins

In this episode, we eagerly kick off our next block focusing on anthology films. Michael starts the conversation with the legendary Ealing Studios classic Dead of Night from 1945. Jason helps define the stylistic elements of anthology films. Michael embraces the very British Horror vibe of the movie. And for some reason, Dustin can't stop using the term urtext. But before all that Dustin hops on the soapbox to champion Alex Garland's Men, Michael tries to not discuss Rescue Rangers and Jason finally breaks the rules to talk some Star Trek. And so much more!

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What We've Been Watching: -Michael: Operation Mincemeat (2021) but actually Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers (2022) -Dustin: Men (2022) -Jason: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022)

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