J. Durden, former Global Director of Trademarks and Brand Protection at Techtronic Industries (TTI)

Heroes of Brand Protection

Nov 16 2022 • 32 mins

Welcome back to the Heroes of Brand Protection. A podcast powered by Red Points, the fastest-growing brand protection company in the world, and hosted by Daniel Shapiro. The show follows the stories of anti-counterfeiting and brand protection leaders from well-known companies and organizations all over the globe.

Today we are thrilled to be speaking with Jayne Durden, former Global Director of trademarks and brand protection at Techtronic Industries, also known as TTI. Our guest has it clear, she wants to ride the wave between brand compliance and law. She sees this wave as something that changes so quickly and moves at a high speed. With Jayne's background in both art and law, she naturally wanted to find a profession that allowed her to use both disciplines. Jayne ended up finding her path in the trademark and copyright law. Her experience includes both in-house counsel and traditional law firm work.

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