Guided Meditation on Cultivating Joy

Legacy Lounge Podcast with Tiffany Neuman

Mar 27 2023 • 9 mins

Have you ever considered the power of a simple smile? Have you noticed how when you smile outwardly, your mood on the inside instantly changes?

Try it!

Now that you know that this sensation is available to you, are you ready to multiply and magnify that feeling into your day and your business?

The truth is joy is most available to you when you are living totally in the present.

In today’s quick 5-minute meditation on joy, I want you to take some time to sit with me so we can:

  • Connect to the support system all around you and within you
  • Become aware of your own body and breath
  • Express gratitude
  • Feel your way into joy from the outside in and inside out
  • Practice presence to cultivate joy
  • …so much more!

I hope this guided meditation allows you to begin to understand the power of presence in leading you toward a joyful experience. I hope in this meditation you can better understand that joy is always available to you.

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