Legacy Leader on Fresh Starts: Julie Reisler

Your Legacy Brand Podcast with Tiffany Neuman

Jan 15 2024 • 30 mins

“We have the ability to have a fresh start anytime” — Julie Reisler

Are you tired of living just an “okay” or “fine” life?

Julie Reisler felt that way too before she made the life changing decision to become a coach more than a decade ago.

And she wants you to know that you don’t have to wait for a new year, a new month, or even a new week to redesign your life or become your You-est You. You can start whenever you decide you’re ready!

Julie Reisler, is a transformation and wellness expert. She is a board-certified master life & wellness coach and was voted ‘Top 10 Most Influential Life Coaches in 2023’. She mentors thousands of coaches, change-makers, and soulful entrepreneurs. Julie hosts The You-est You®️ podcast, a global show in over 175 countries, and is the author of Get a PhD in YOU, an Amazon top-pick. Julie has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, The Chopra Center, Bustle, and Thrive Global for her work as a coach, teacher, and conscious business leader.

In this episode, Julie has so much wisdom to share about designing a life that you love, and of course how that weaves in perfectly with your legacy. We covered so much ground and talked all about:

  • Starting fresh and reinventing yourself
  • Julie’s inspiring story of how she reinvented herself and found coaching
  • Julie’s approach to coaching and her influences
  • How to take the next step even if it seems impossible or scary
  • A tactical approach to taking an inventory on every area of your life now so you can plan on where you want to go next

I’m so excited for you to meet Julie—I know you’ll feel inspired to evaluate your life from a new perspective!

Favorite quotes from this episode:

“It’s not just your words, it’s your presence..” — Julie Reisler

“How do you want to make an impact in the world? How do you want to be of service? I love pulling business from that thread.” — JR

“We all have a unique heart stamp. What do you want to stamp on the world?” — JR

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