How To Create Your Legacy Making Value Statement

Your Legacy Brand Podcast with Tiffany Neuman

Jul 11 2022 • 22 mins

"A brand's strength is built on its determination to promote its own distinctive values and mission." — Jean-Noel Kapferer

Are you ready to create some values that feel truly aligned and congruent with your business and lifestyle? Values that will actually attract the perfect clients that you can’t wait to work with and that are craving to work with you?

I hope so, because in today’s episode of The Legacy Lounge Podcast I’m walking you through my tried and true process to create your very own, totally unique and personalized value statement that you’ll end up hanging on your wall.

(No, really. Printing out your value statement and placing it somewhere visible is a real step in this process.)

I know that value work is not as exciting as other branding processes, BUT it is some of the most important work that you can ever do for your brand and for yourself.

Trust me on this. There’s data to back me up (I lay it all out for you in the episode), and even a few personal anecdotes!

So, I want you to take out a pen and paper and get ready to work. This is not the episode where you can passively listen and learn. This is an episode where we are implementing so that you can experience growth and change in your business faster than you ever thought possible.

And not fast in a chaotic way, fast in a you’re - in-a-flow kind of way.

Sound good? Here’s what we’re covering today:

  • My tried and true method on how to create your own value statement ( I use this with all of my clients!)
  • The 5 key differentiating elements that brand values offer your business
  • Why developing your values are imperative for business growth
  • The “S’ Method for targeting the exact words you need to use in your value statement to make it stand out and impactful
  • How to avoid creating corporate-style value statements that just collect dust on a shelf
  • All the ways your value statement can get to work for you to help you achieve your loftiest goals
  • …and so much more!

My biggest and brand - nerdiest hope after you listen to this episode is that you’ll share your value statement with me!

And if you feel like you need a little more support in building your brand foundations and establishing clear values, the early bird application is open for my next cohort of the Legacy Brand Foundations program — we start in September and I’d love to have you there.

Favorite quotes from this episode:

“I actually had chosen the value of hard work for my business, which caused me to work so hard that I almost died.” — Tiffany Neuman

“What does integrity mean anyways?” — TN

“Your values have to come from you internally, not from some external force.” — TN

“Your brand should do the heavy lifting of your marketing for you.” — TN

“These values not only guide  you, they guide your team, they guide your clients...they're guiding everything.” — TN

“Remember that a brand is a living, breathing entity” — TN

“Education is not implementation.” —

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