Legacy Leader on Connection: Alex Golden

Your Legacy Brand Podcast with Tiffany Neuman

Nov 17 2023 • 57 mins

“Finding unity is what we’re all here for.”—Alex Golden

How can your health connect to whole life transformations?

My friend and client Alex Golden joins me in The Legacy Lounge to answer this question and so much more!

Alex is the co-founder of Zesty, the company that helps coaches, practitioners, and leaders accelerate their transformations by finding wholeness in their lives through our signature functional NLP and 4-bodies framework.

In this episode, Alex has so much wisdom to share about connecting with yourself to connect with your people and the world. We covered so much ground and talked all about:

  • The heartwarming story of how Alex and Megan of Zesty found each other
  • How Alex and Megan developed their signature 7 steps of transformation
  • A visualization to help you begin to understand how to let go of your fears
  • Why building a business is the best way to learn authenticity and the best way to be productive in your personal and professional life
  • Alex’s thought on what it means to create a legacy, together
  • How to kickstart 2024 with building great habits

I’m so excited for you to meet Alex—I know you’ll feel inspired to connect deeply with yourself so you can set the stage to transform your life.

Favorite quotes from this episode:

“If you can do it in health, you can do it anywhere.”—Alex Golden

“Without an emotional compass to answer our own internal questions about what is best for us, what we want, what makes us feel good and all of that, there is no life of empowerment.”—Alex Golden

“All we are looking for is the leaders out in the world who want to make a ripple.”—Alex Golden

“People can smell inauthenticity from a world away.”—Alex Golden

“it's crucial to talk legacy because talking legacy ensures that we'll actually get there.”—Alex Golden

“I'd rather just tell you what I still have to work on than feeling like I need to hide it”—Alex Golden

“Marketing is magical. Branding, super magical. You can't not do it. On the other hand, having beautiful branding where you're not living the stuff that you say, that won't work either.”—Alex Golden

Links Mentioned In This Episode:

Learn more about Zesty’s upcoming Habit Transformation Accelerator

Connect with Alex and Megan on their beautiful new website or on Instagram.

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