Legacy Leader on Vision Elizabeth Hartke of Luminary Leadership Co.

Legacy Lounge Podcast with Tiffany Neuman

May 8 2022 • 42 mins

“Entrepreneurs think that if they shift their energy towards family, that it's all going to fall apart in their business. No, you're going to be aligned. Finally, it's going to feel right. You're going to get into a groove and things are going to start to come to life that you've never even had access to before.”

Elizabeth Hartke, Legacy Leader and Founder of Luminary Leader Co.

Many entrepreneurs set their sights on building their dream business in the name of time and financial freedom. Oftentimes, they want to achieve these things in order to spend more time and energy on their loved ones.

I’d be willing to bet that this singular motivator is the fuel that drives a significant amount of entrepreneurial pursuits.

Elizabeth Hartke knows this is the case and she also knows that there is a better, more holistic way to pursue this entrepreneurial vision.

Elizabeth (aka Liz) is a friend, mentor, and client of mine and I am so thrilled that she joined me on this episode of The Legacy Lounge podcast to talk all about vision and leadership. I fell in love with her mission a year and a half when we worked together to co-create her Legacy Brand, Luminary Leadership! She brings a perspective that is completely unique and fresh to the entrepreneurial space, and I am so excited for you to meet her!

Liz comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and has more than 10 years of experience in building her own multi-million dollar business and mentoring thousands of others to do the same, all while growing her beautiful family of five. She knows the hardworking business and family lifestyle like no one else.

There is truly no one more deserving of respect and admiration when it comes to Liz’s vision for her own business and family.

Which is why it makes sense that she founded Luminary Leadership Co., a family-oriented business with a focus on helping entrepreneurs build leadership skills so that they can experience success in business and create a legacy at home.

That’s something most of us include in our vision for our lives, and Liz has the keys to help get us closer to achieving that vision.

In this episode, Liz and I sat down to talk all about Legacy, creating an integrated vision for your business and your family, and everything in between. Liz even lets us in on some information about the Rally Cry Call event, Bridging the Gap, that she has been cooking up for fellow entrepreneurs who feel called to operate their personal and professional lives in a more aligned way, but are unsure about how to do that.

Here are all the juicy takeaways from this episode on vision with a true Legacy Leader and visionary, Elizabeth Hartke:

  • Understand what it means to act upon your vision, today, like right now!
  • Understand the importance of raising the next generation of leaders and how that can impact your vision for the future
  • Tips on how to include your family in the creation of the vision for your business
  • Why you need to break down the boundaries between your business life and your family life so that you can integrate the two
  • Why you must integrate the needs and goals of your family within your business’s needs and goals to experience the next level of success
  • A call to arms in the mission to disrupt entrepreneurship as we know it and build a better business world for the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders

There is some powerful conversation and ideas happening in this episode! I invite you to block out 40 minutes of your time to listen in, be inspired, and take some actions!

Favorite quotes from this episode:

“Entrepreneurs think that if they shift their energy towards family, that it's all going to fall apart in their business. No, you're going to be aligned. Finally, it's going to feel right. You're going to get into a groove and things are going to start to come to life that you've never even had access to before.”—Elizabeth Hartke

“I think a lot of people have this vision of Legacy in their head that looks like them in their rocking chair on the front porch when they're 85, looking back on what they've created, instead of realizing that the only way to have the glory of sitting in that rocking chair and being proud of what you've created is determined by how you're living and what you're gifting to the people who matter most and the people you influence today.”—EH

“When you decide to step into leadership, there's a lot of selflessness and courageousness that comes from saying, ‘okay, I'm going to choose this path to lead, not just to manage, not just to create, but to ensure that other people are being raised up with me along the way.’”—EH

“The work that we did together through creating that Legacy Brand is something that has roots, something that can outlive me, something that can be sold (which is a smart way of thinking when you're in business) or something that someone else can take it and run with it.”—EH

“I think it's so necessary to create your brand as a living, breathing thing so that it has the opportunity to evolve and grow.”—EH

“We all have these visions of why we started in the first place. And then we put our heads down and we work and we tell ourselves "this is just a season...if I build it, they will come..I just have to keep going." And we're not looking up enough to have that vision, to see that if the journey, the getting there, steamrolls everyone and everything I love, including myself, was the juice really worth the squeeze?”—EH

“I want to teach entrepreneurs to leverage the power of small business and entrepreneurship to raise leaders of their own.”—EH

“There are all these tools and resources to support the entrepreneur in business. Of course there are plenty of resources to support the parent in parenthood. But there's nothing that speaks to the realities that are just different when you've chosen and said "yes" to running your own business that feeds your family. It's just a different life. It is. End of story. And it's not better. It's just different.”—EH

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