Voitanos with Andrew Connell

Andrew Connell

This Voitanos podcast, hosted by Andrew Connell, includes exclusive podcast episodes as well as the audio from videos published in our YouTube channel and articles published on our site, delivered straight to your favorite podcasting app!

018 | How to create Azure Function Apps with Bicep | step by step017 | Why did Microsoft create the SharePoint Framework (SPFx)?016 | When did Microsoft introduce (and release) the SharePoint Framework (SPFx)?015 | What is the SharePoint Framework (SPFx)?014 | April 2022 course update - Mastering the SharePoint Framework013 | SharePoint Online Modern App Catalog - April 2022012 | SPFx Basics: four (4) lesser-known web part manifest properties011 | What’s in the first SharePoint Framework v1.15 beta?010 | Join me at 365EduCon Seattle (May 2022) for SharePoint Framework & Azure Functions009 | Mea culpa - always install gulp-cli globally, not gulp008 | Fix SharePoint Framework projects to enable the React DevTools profiler007 | State of SharePoint Client-Side Dev - Winter 2022006 | SPFx Basics: Initializing components - constructor vs. onInit()005 | SharePoint Framework v1.14 - What’s in the latest Update of SPFx?004 | How to set up SPFx development environments for multiple SharePoint Server deployments003 | Definitive guide for developers: SharePoint Framework for SharePoint Server SE002 | Definitive guide for developers: SharePoint Framework for SharePoint Server 2016001 | Debut of the Voitanos Podcast + relaunch of YouTube channel