7@7 #132: Getting About God's Work

Baptist on the Bible

Sep 8 2022 • 6 mins

Are you about God’s Work? Are you called to the work you are about? (Eccl. 9:10; 1 Sam. 10) Pastor/Professor Andrew Marquez considers the connection of work and calling for the believer. Scripture calls us to work with all our might. At the same time, the Bible reveals God's intention in directing people to certain labor. Saul neglected God's call and his vocation was given to another. Christians must embrace the call of God for their given vocation and serve with all their strength.

Dr. Andrew Marquez is Director/Dean of Wayland Baptist University's Arizona Campuses (www.wbu.edu/arizona) and Executive Pastor of North Swan Baptist Church (www.northswanbaptist.com).