7@7 #130: Trying Times from Temporal Authority 5

Baptist on the Bible

Jun 3 2022 • 6 mins

Do you ever feel like evil is going to win out? Do you trust that God will restrain wickedness? (Dan. 8:13-14). Pastor/Professor Andrew Marquez discusses Trying Times experienced under Temporal Authority. Daniel's vision moves to a celestial conversation. Even the angels are shocked by the vision and question the duration of evil. It is revealed that the evil day will be limited for a specific time and that restoration and cleansing will follow. This passage encourages Christians by reminding us that evil will not prevail. It is limited to a time known by God. In God's time the evil we face will come to an end. Cleansing and restoration will follow. Persevere and preach the Gospel. God is still working even in the dark times.

Dr. Andrew Marquez is Director/Dean of Wayland Baptist University's Arizona Campuses (www.wbu.edu/arizona) and Executive Pastor of North Swan Baptist Church (www.northswanbaptist.com).