The Wheelhouse

Connecticut Public Radio

If you’re a news junkie — or maybe just news curious, we’ve got your weekly dose of Connecticut politics, tackling everything from tax cuts to human composting. Amplifying important local and national voices, The Wheelhouse walks listeners through the most important political stories of the week.  You’ll hear from well-known political reporters, academics, and local journalists across Connecticut’s 169 cities and towns.

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Our Editor's Take

The podcast The Wheelhouse started in 2013 as a Connecticut Public Radio show. It was a companion to Where We Live, the morning talk show. But soon enough, it became popular on its own. The political journalist roundtable explored topics like budget cuts and lawmaking in Connecticut. It helped its listeners make sense of local politics and shared ways to become more involved. In 2021, the show announced it was ending. But thanks to public demand, it saw a new life in 2023 with a new host-Frankie Graziano.

Graziano is an experienced broadcaster on Connecticut Public Radio. He started on the sports team in 2012 and moved to news in 2016. There, he reported on local elections and other political issues. He was meeting lawmakers outside their offices, asking them tough and necessary questions. During his time in the newsroom, he also reported on the most critical stories in the state. He followed the account of evacuees moving to Connecticut as a result of Hurricane Maria. Graziano was also the one to reveal the new police reform in the region right after George Floyd's murder.

As the host of The Wheelhouse, Graziano explores how politics impact everyone in the state. His mission is to make these important issues more accessible to everyone. The newer version of the podcast sticks to the familiar roundtable format. Each week, the show hosts local and national experts to discuss several news stories. They talk about everything from zoning reform and gun control to food waste and recycling. Topics are not only about local politics and state lawmakers. The show explores anything that affects Connecticut locals. This includes stories that relate to general elections. But they also discuss Supreme Court rulings, the White House, and beyond.

Graziano's hosting style is approachable and easygoing. This makes The Wheelhouse a politics podcast that is accessible to all.

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