[Free Audiobook] - The Cure for Death: Finding Eternal Life in the Age of COVID-19 by JJ Weller

Message Ministries

Jun 13 2020 • 1 hr 39 mins

As COVID-19 sweeps the globe, many are asking life’s hardest questions: Why do we die? What happens after death? How can I be sure I’ll go to Heaven? In this short book, JJ Weller offers the Bible's answers. In conversational style, he unpacks: The ancient disease behind every death, The alarming realities of life after the grave, and The simple test that reveals your eternal destiny. Then, He invites the reader into God’s life-giving story of redemption. He unveils: God’s miraculous cure for eternal death, The shocking way God revealed His love and secured the Cure, and The little-known way to meet God, beat death, and live forever. Have you been pondering life, death, God, morality, or eternity during the COVID-19 crisis? This book is for you. Did you receive Christ or renew your surrender to God while watching this video? Please visit bit.ly/livecured To download or share the free eBook, please visit bit.ly/curedeath