Startup to Something

Marc LG and Matt Gale

A weekly podcast by two indie hackers, Marc and Matt. They share their ups and downs of building their bootstrapped online businesses. They prefer to show instead of teach, so you get to see the real story about what it's like to “startup to something” - raw and unpolished.

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62: Intelligent or crazy
62: Intelligent or crazy61: Probing further60: Unfair advantages59: Horizontal scale, horizontal markets58: The white glove treatment57: Solo Indie Hacking with Guest Volkan Kaya56: Building in Public on Twitter with Guest Xavier Coiffard55: Say no to todos54: So many firsts!53: Stay skeptical52: Checkout woes51: Beauty in simplicity50: Making friends on the internet49: How To Use Twitter Like An Actual Human Being (And Not Like A Grifter) With Guest Aaron Francis48: Stop! Maker time47: Idea Brainstorming46: Use code Marc at checkout45: Back in the saddle44: Signing off 202143: Scope creep