How To Survive in Hard Times

Welcome To The Good Life

Mar 23 2020 • 12 mins

In March of 2020, we as a nation and a world face a very difficult time. With the Covid-19 virus on the rise and schools and business closed, there is a fear and social distancing going on. In times like this, we must stand guard of our mental state. Because times like this can cause severe depression and mental breakdowns. In this episode, I discuss 3 ways that I have gotten through hard times in my life. I believe these 3 ways can be used today in our hard times as well. 1) Feed Your Mind; 2) Feed Your Spirit; 3) Feed Your Purpose. When these are done on a daily basis we can ensure positivity and growth as we continue to journey through our hard times, understanding and believing that we will get through them. Please reach out bfswicegood@gmail if you have a story to tell. I would love to hear from you.