Evolving While Staying Loyal to the Community 🎤 with Sandy Irwin of SAND

Happy You Are Here Podcast

Nov 21 2021 • 35 mins

Sandy Irwin is a musical artist based in Omaha, Nebraska.

She joined our show almost two years ago while working as Come Back Sandy. Over the following two years, Sandy's sound has transformed to incorporate more genres and collaborators. Now she heads up SAND and just released a 3-track project called Hourglass.

The new project collaborates with some of the best musicians and producers in the city including production by David Hawkins and a lyrical verse on Pass You By by Lite Pole.

Find music videos, the website, and where to listen at https://linktr.ee/sandiverse

You can listen to the previous episode with Sandy at https://happyyouarehere.life/podcast/mindful-creating-and-community-with-come-back-sandy/

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