How Multiple Past Life Regressions Weave A Bigger Lesson with Jill Schrack ✨

Happy You Are Here Podcast

Nov 3 2021 • 52 mins

In this episode, I sit back down with Jill Schrack to discuss past life regressions. Specifically we discuss the four past life regressions I've done so far in detail. We talk about the details of the experience and also the lessons arching through the stories. It's an exciting, deep, and sometimes funny episode.

Jill also happens to be my fiancé, so we recorded this episode in our living room with our dog Max in the background. Check out the HappyYouAreHere.Life blog for some pics of how cute he is. 😉

Find the Past Life Regression videos we talk about and more about Jill's business at https://www.mesmerisehypnosis.com/