When we are going through a Major Change, for users what do we do first? Communicate!

Change is the New Constant

Feb 15 2017 • 55 mins

For all changes, communication is the key to success and absolutely required for everyone who will be impacted by the change. As such, it is critical to have it as your starting point. You need to let people know what is going on! In this session, I will share with you my “4 Keys to Communication”; and exactly how to use them to enhance your communications. Also, setting up a Communication Plan is valuable – something structured in your professional life and even something to easily consider in your personal life . Easy, Simple, Wonderful! We will discuss why. I will also share, if communication is that critical, then what are some of those best practices that I have learned and use myself. We will have a Q&A session to answer some questions I have received and put this all into real life. So, learn how to go through a change “right” from the start by communicating!