Sax Sells!

The Perfect Album Side Podcast

Nov 22 2023 • 1 hr 5 mins

The music, the lyrics, the beat, the rhythm…all good and fine.  This week, though, we’re only here for the sax.  Yep, nothing beats really good sax.  It’s the “Sax Sells!” episode of the Perfect Album Side Podcast.  We look at the iconic saxophone riffs and solos in music.   Some of the most memorable songs are just that because of amazing sax and we break ‘em down to make up the Perfect Album Side.  And don’t worry, we encourage safe sax.   What are you thinking? Got your songs ready? In this episode the music will be great but the sax is phenomenal.  Tune in this week to The Perfect Album Side Podcast!!

One idea. Six songs. Infinite possibilities...