Ghosts: The Occult, Aliens, & How We Captured an Orb on Video (with Audio)!

Breaking Social Norms

Dec 20 2022 • 1 hr 42 mins

Today we're focusing on the paranormal- specifically a ghosty orb caught IN THE WEISHAUPT HOME!! Yes- caught on video and up now on our IG (! We'll talk Gettysburg ghosts, define "orbs," Ouija boards, contacting spirit realm, (Josie's TikTok Corner: John Legend Baphomet, Avatar, Florida), Father Seraphim Rose's UFO theories, Christian perspective of aliens as demons, John Keel, Final Takes on if we should mess with ghosts and aliens!Check out the orb we caught on camera- WITH SOUND!!!! If you wanted to know what an orb sounds like- this is the video for you!!


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