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Andrea T Edwards

Welcome to Uncommon Courage, the podcast, where we’ll be having the conversations we need to be having as members of the human collective. We are all being called upon to step up and lead – with kindness, big hearts and unshakable courage – because right now, we have an opportunity to redress what we got wrong in the past, as well as deal with the disruptions we face today, to create a better world for all. However, if we are completely truthful, the biggest challenge we face is believing we can do it – believing in our ability to create massive change. But everyone knows you can’t achieve anything significant without guts, determination, and of course, the courage to keep driving towards the goal, regardless of how hard the journey is! Uncommon Courage will feature global conversations determined to contribute to creating a better future for all life on earth. Ideas, solutions, arguments and laughs - it’ll all be part of the journey. It is time for that which is uncommon to become common.
The Know Show – theme: the art of transforming yourself, with Julian Mather
5d ago
2 hrs 7 mins
How I deal with the bleaknessThe Know Show – theme: do we really have free will? with Andrew BryantGetting your mind right
With Ferenc Nyiro, The Little Bird House, Phuket, Thailand.Our mind is a curious thing and most accept our thoughts determine our reality – yes? But many continue to believe it’s outside of our control. Not forgetting, these last couple of years have been pretty intense on the thinking front!! But we can control our thoughts. It requires a lot of introspection and laser focused attention on the thoughts that rattle around in our brain every day, and if we get good at it, we can change ourselves in deep and fundamental ways. We can break free of thought patterns that hold us back and we learn to take responsibility for our lives too.It’s a process, but boy is it liberating when you get good at watching your own thoughts. Assessing them, considering where they come from, and sometimes, you have no idea at all why you think certain ways. It’s only by being able to look at your thoughts objectively that you can start to see the patterns.When I recorded this podcast, I thought we were going to talk about surviving a pandemic as an artist, but when you speak with Ferenc, you never know where it will go and I’m happy we went in this direction. I love having chats with Ferenc and hope you enjoy it too. If you’re interested in his art or his WTF pants, please do check out his social media accounts below. The painted fishermen pants are brilliant and perfect gifts. You can find Ferenc here - The Little Bird House Art Gallery & Yin Yoga Studio https://www.facebook.com/pages/The%20Little%20Bird%20House%20Art%20Gallery%20&%20Yin%20Yoga%20Studio/113395007672256/ on FacebookOr you can follow him on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ferenc.nyiro Or Instagram Ferenc Nyiro (@artby_ferenc_littlebirdhouse) • Instagram photos and videos
Nov 22 2021
42 mins
The Know Show – focusing on imposter syndrome and what we can do about itThe Know Show – focusing on week two of Cop26 – anything to be excited about?
Welcome to The Know Show. This week Andrea Edwards and Joe Augustin will be joined by Marc Allen, Joanne Flinn, Robert Kirubi and Susanna Hasenoehrl The Sustainability Speaker, to discuss week two of Cop26. The overarching goal of Cop26 is ambition, action and acceleration, so is there anything to be excited about, or was it a failure?We’ll share our overall impressions and take-aways, whether the pathway to 1.5C is even remotely possible, as well as some of the key issues discussed, including adaptation, how women are disproportionately impacted by climate change, the science crucial to limiting the temperature rise to 1.5C, the mass market for zero-emission vehicles and 'green shipping corridors', what it all means to cities, regions and the built environment., and more. There is a LOT to consider. The Know Show is a Livestream held every Friday, where Andrea T Edwards, Tim Wade, Joe Augustin and special guests review the news that’s getting everyone’s attention, as well as perhaps what requires our attention. We’ll talk about what it means to us, the world and we hope to inspire great conversations on the news that matters to all of us. The Know Show is based on Andrea T Edwards Weekend Reads, which get published every Saturday on andreatedwards.com, and covers the climate crisis, Covid 19, topical moments in the world, global politics, business, social issues and passion/humor/history. Join us. #TheKnowShow #UncommonCourage #Cop26 #ClimateEmergency  Marc Allen on LinkedIn (99+) Marc Allen | LinkedInJoanne Flinn Sustainability Consulting & Speaking by Joanne Flinn (jflinn.com) Robert Kirubi (99+) Robert Kirubi | LinkedIn Susanna Hasenoehrl The Sustainability Speaker The Sustainability Speaker Susanna HasenoehrlJoe Augustin Singapore Emcee Joe Augustin | Gala Emcee | Conference Emcee – Joe Augustin is a professional emcee from Singapore with more than 30 years of experience. More than just a celebrity emcee, Joe is a renown entertainer with a deep understanding of business objectives behind corporate functions and events.  Andrea Edwards Welcome - Uncommon Courage - An Invitation (uncommon-courage.com) and https://andreatedwards.com/
Nov 12 2021
1 hr 50 mins
Are you worried about the impact of climate change on your kid's future?
As parents, Steve and I talk a lot about the decisions we need to make today, from a climate emergency perspective, to ensure we can map out a secure future for our children - or as secure a future as is possible. In many ways, we’re lucky, because we have options to live in different parts of the world. The majority of humanity do not have these options, which is why it’s critical we act now to reduce the severity of the climate emergency. We’re doing a terrible job with refugees now. How bad will it be when millions or billions of climate refugees turn up on our doorstep? We can not let that happen. Every increase in temperature means an increase in impact on our children’s future lives, and while so much is unknown, and the outcomes uncertain, Steve and I are actively paying attention, so we can be prepared to make the right decisions for them. It’s definitely not about us. It’s all about them now. So are you having the same conversations? Or perhaps it’s too confronting? When I first started having these conversations with Steve, it was definitely confronting for him. He wasn’t paying attention like I was, but as we’ve explored this more – especially in the last 12 months to two years - we are becoming more aligned on the need to make the right decisions now, to ensure they have the best chance in their future. This includes the skills they need to develop, how we speak to them about the climate emergency, and so much more. We’d love to know if sharing this conversation with you is valuable, so please, drop me a line. You can find me @AndreaTEdwards or @UncommonCourage. Keen to talk and explore this topic more. I also know, that once you think about it from this point of view, you start to think about the climate emergency with a whole new lens. It gives you the impetus to act, because you do not want that for your children.The job needs to be done now, not when they’re old enough. We’ll be out of time if we wait for the kids to grow up, and that is absolutely out of the question for me. It’s our job to do, all of us. #UncommonCourage #ClimateEmergency
Nov 11 2021
39 mins
The Know Show – focusing on week one of Cop26 – what happened, what mattersHow can we be more courageous?The Know Show – theme: Cybersecurity, why it’s hot and why you should care, with Andrew MilroyYouthful arrogance or leadership failure?
Oct 28 2021
1 hr 21 mins
The Know Show – theme: being our most authentic selves, with Cathy JohnsonHumanity, humility and accepting our collective shame
Such a beautiful conversation with two very dear men in my life, Kevin Cottam and Tim Hamons. I’ve been privileged to know both of these men for nearly a decade, and every time we talk, we go deep. From Kevin, digging into why The Nomadic Mindset is the way to a better future – because it’s an expansion of our mind, and how we get in alignment with all life on earth. And Tim, a visual facilitation expert, who draws to get to the deeper messages within. Tim recently attended an event on Trauma and I wanted to hear his key take-aways from this, as well as combining insights from both together. The goal of Uncommon Courage is to have courageous conversations about the issues that we need to be thinking about, and finding a pathway out of the challenges we face. Because, as Kevin regularly shares….“We are migrating. Where we were is not where we are. We are evolving.” Benson Muntere, Maasai Warrior, Kenya.The three of us see this time as a wonderful opportunity for humanity to grow, evolve, and build something better and more beautiful for all life on earth. In balance with life and in balance within ourselves. That is the combination we very much need, and we can achieve it, together. To get in touch with us, here’s some links to helpKevin CottamHis Website https://thenomadicmindset.com/ His Book The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle...for Too Long https://www.amazon.com/Nomadic-Mindset-Never-Settle-Long/dp/9811178224/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=kevin+cottam&qid=1634621912&sr=8-1 The Nomadic Mindset on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nomadicmindset Tim Hamons His Website https://www.artofawakeningasia.com/ His book The World of Visual Facilitation: Unlock your Power to Connect People & Ideas https://www.amazon.com/World-Visual-Facilitation-Unlock-Connect-ebook/dp/B0867SNG2C/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=tim+Hamons&qid=1634621767&sr=8-2 Art of Awakening on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Artofawakening MeWebsites https://andreatedwards.com/ and https://uncommon-courage.com/ My book Uncommon Courage, An Invitation https://www.amazon.com/Uncommon-Courage-invitation-Andrea-Edwards/dp/1737294400/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1634622315&sr=8-1And my Facebook Group Uncommon Courage https://www.facebook.com/groups/442905877003333
Oct 20 2021
58 mins
The Know Show – theme: why we’ve got to do better for girls, with Arishta KhannaThis Little Girl Is Me
Proud to do this with three women who inspire me and who I’m proud to call my friends - Lavinia Thanapathy, Sally Foley-Lewis and the wonderful Kerrie Phipps. If you missed the #Thislittlegirlisme campaign, I expect you’re not spending much time on social media lately 😊. An idea by Inspiring Girls International, I wanted to understand this campaign more, discuss why International Day of the Girl Child has never been more important, and I also wanted to bring inspiring ladies together, so we can speak to girls (and women) around the world, as well as the great men, because we’ve got some work to do to overcome divisions and build a better future for all living beings. However we’ve got to prioritize getting the girls bit right! It’s beyond time.I asked Lavinia to join, because she’s been a real driver of the #Thislittlegirlisme campaign around the world, but especially in Asia, as well as Sally Foley-Lewis and Kerrie Phipps, because I loved both of their contributions to the campaign. All four of us are so different in many ways, but often the experiences of being a girl, and how that impacts you as you grow into a woman, aren’t that different at all. We really hope you enjoy our conversation and take away a nugget that helps you build the life you want. You can find more on all of us at our WebsitesLavinia Thanapathy https://laviniathanapathy.com/ Sally Foley-Lewis https://www.sallyfoleylewis.com/ Kerrie Phipps https://kerriephipps.com/ And me, Andrea Edwards https://uncommon-courage.com/ and https://andreatedwards.com/ Some references discussedLockdown brings alarming rise in modern slaveryGirls’ education and COVID-19: New factsheet shows increased inequalities for the education of adolescent girls10 million additional girls at risk of child marriage due to COVID-19International Day of the Girl Child: There is a great risk that the progress of the last 20 years will be reduced to nothingGender-Based Violence In The Context Of COVID-19 Pandemic And Lockdown
Oct 12 2021
52 mins
The Know Show – theme: why equality has slipped back by a generation since the pandemic started, with Lavinia ThanapathyWe call it the Divorce Booster45 ideas to inspire you to reduce your impact on the environment
Oct 3 2021
1 hr 26 mins
The Know Show – theme: why media dominance harms us all, with Glenn van ZutphenThe Know Show – theme: taking care of your mindset, with Wayne Chan