Dynamic Self-Care for Radical Mothers with Christa Bevan

Mothers' Voice

Apr 16 2021 • 38 mins

We had an inspiring call with Christa Bevan about Dynamic Self-Care for radical Mothers who are breaking cycles of generational traumas, and doing deep transformational work on themselves, offering a divine service to their kids and generations to come.

Christa talked about preparing yourself to deal with stressful situations and learning to regulate your nervous system, instead of being in survival mode by trying to repair each challing situation, which can drain your energy.

She also shared about supporting kids in being self-sufficient, fully expressing themselves, and providing healthy discharge opportunities for them to release their stress, while releasing the pressure of being a perfect Mother and the need to know everything.

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Christa Bevan is a certified TRE® provider and yoga instructor, and mother. She works to empower other mothers to break free from cycles of trauma using techniques rooted in neuroscience and focusing on compassion, self-love and grace. She believes one of the greatest tools for transformation is education and self-awareness, and her coaching centers on that belief.