Heal past wounds with the power of the unconscious mind with Karyn Kulenovic

Mothers' Voice

Apr 28 2021 • 39 mins

In this episode, Karyn Kulenovic shows how the unconscious mind can create patterns and blocks that can affect the different areas of our life. She shares how to direct it to break free from the illusion of limitation and separation it created based on past experiences, and create profound changes in your life.

She also discusses how to connect with your children on a deeper level and help them open themselves even more.

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Karyn Kulenovic helps highly sensitive and intuitive people of all ages to disengage from abundance-blocking beliefs and conditioned responses by accessing their intuition and unconscious mind. She helps her clients restructure the way they experience their history, thoughts, and emotions, which boosts their attraction patterns and puts them on an inevitable path to success.

As a Credentialed Teacher and Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mental & Emotional Release® (MER), Hypnotherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, and Reiki, Karyn uses a combination of Education, Coaching, Energy Healing, and Integrative Psychology to help her clients accelerate their path to quick and lasting change.

As a mother of two highly sensitive and intuitively gifted children, Karyn has developed practical and creative ways to support parents in teaching their kids to manage their energy and embrace their intuitive gifts.

Karyn leads the Healing in Bloom Community via her Life By Design Vlog, Integrated Empath Masterclasses, and Intuitive Child Group. She offers various digital products, one-to-one, and group services