Breaking the Cycle of Generational Trauma with Amelia Mora Mars

Mothers' Voice

Apr 14 2021 • 33 mins

Amelia Mora Mars discusses very deep subjects to help you stop the cycle of generational trauma.

You’ll learn how it’s very important for you and your children, to take care of your self, set healthy boundaries and be gentle with yourself through your healing process.

She also shared inspiring insights into taking full responsibility of our own healing, navigating the pain caused by traumas, and embracing Love that beyond any circumstances and differences.

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Amelia Mora Mars is a Mom to six daughters and four sons, a psychotherapist and mom coach to women raised by emotionally unavailable mothers. She empowers women to break the cycle, heal their hearts, and reclaim their lives. As a mom, she too had to learn to overcome these wounds caused by her own mother. Through her personal journey, she was able to forgive her mom and change the way she mothered her own children. She supports moms to leave a lasting legacy of love for their children and generations to come.