Defining Success and Serving God - Dinner part 1

Living Brightly with Elayne Cross

Dec 29 2022 • 36 mins

How do you define success? Is it about you and your needs or are you striving for something bigger than yourself? The first of three segments where we talk about success, church, and translations of Bible. These may be questions you’ve considered or points of contention between those around you. We have an open and sometimes passionate discussion about this and more.

  • 1:31        Defining Success
  • 3:56        Ultimate Goal is serving God
  • 6:44        Family Time v Work Time
  • 9:41        Filling your skill toolbox
  • 11;39     What is the Church?
  • 15:07     What Divides
  • 20:17     Who Preserves the Word
  • 25:28     English Translations
  • 29:16     History of Church and Bible Translations
  • 32:51     Is one translation better than the rest?