In this episode of the Autonomic Healing Podcast, hosts Tom Pals and Ruth Lorensson delve into the powerful concept of "deferring to loving." They reflect on their previous discussions about accepting adversity, believing in beneficence, and creating contentment, setting the stage for the current topic of deferring to loving. They highlight the distinction between "love" and "loving," emphasizing that the latter involves a proactive, intentional choice rather than a mere feeling.

Drawing inspiration from the Beauty and the Beast narrative, they discuss how the main character's transformation from a beastly state to a loving one involves a willingness to take risks and embrace vulnerability. The conversation explores the inherent challenges in deferring to loving, including the potential for unreciprocated love and the discomfort that arises when love is not met with love.

As the conversation unfolds, Tom and Ruth explore the challenges and rewards of deferring to loving. They recognize its potential to break destructive cycles and contribute to a thriving life. The episode encourages listeners to embrace the concept of deferring to loving as a force for positive change in their lives and communities.

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