Forgive Fearlessly

The Autonomic Healing Podcast - Conversations with Tom Pals

Jan 23 2024 • 46 mins

In this episode of the Autonomic Healing Podcast, hosts Tom Pals and Ruth Lorensson dive into the topic of forgiveness, specifically exploring the concept of "forgive fearlessly."

The hosts emphasize the importance of understanding forgiveness as giving, rooted in the ancient Greek term "charismi," which means to give something. They shed light on the physiological aspects of forgiveness, highlighting the role of the sympathetic nervous system and the stress response triggered by harm or offense.

Tom and Ruth explore the connection between forgiveness and thriving, emphasizing that forgiveness is not just about survival but a key element in leading a fulfilled life. They discuss the physical and mental health benefits supported by research, highlighting the positive relationship between forgiveness and personal well-being.

The episode touches on the challenges individuals face in forgiving fearlessly, delving into the complex emotions and fears associated with offenses. They encourage listeners to explore the root of their fears and acknowledge the physical impact of holding onto unforgiveness.

As the episode concludes, the hosts leave listeners with a hopeful message, emphasizing the potential for personal and collective transformation through the practice of forgiving fearlessly. They invite listeners to consider forgiveness as a gift to oneself and others, fostering a thriving existence.

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